What Asian American youth need to thrive: from WBEZ Chicago

Students navigate numerous challenges daily that impact their social, emotional, and mental health. Asian, Asian American, and AAPI students often have an additional layer of challenges to navigate, from a rise in AAPI violence to managing the impact of stereotypes. Asna Qureshi is a mother of two daughters, former teacher, and Learning Design Specialist at Subject. She was recently featured on Reset with Sasha-Ann Simons on WBEZ Chicago, a local NPR affiliate. Below is a portion of the transcript from What Asian American youth need to thrive – listen to the full episode at wbez.org.

Tips to Maximize High School Credit Recovery

The goal of all high schools is to get each student to graduation, prepared for college and career. The journey to this point varies widely for students, and many require credit recovery to complete graduation requirements. Managing a credit recovery program using digital curriculum can be a challenging task. It requires careful planning, organization, and support for students who are struggling to catch up. Here are some helpful tips to maximize high school credit recovery and ensure the success of your students.

Calexico Unified School District Increases Graduation Rate with Support of Digital Curriculum

The ultimate goal of any school district is to ensure that every student had the support needed to successfully graduate from high school. Not every student follows a traditional path towards this goal, opening up an opportunity to find alternative ways to engage students in this goal. Calexico Unified School District in Calexico, CA, increased their graduation rates utilizing Subject’s innovative digital curriculum. Read on to learn more about their success.

Financial Literacy | Subject Course Highlight

Financial Literacy has quickly become a standard course offering for high school students. It is imperative that every student, regardless of their future college or career goals, is able to leave high school with a solid understanding of financial management. Subject provides schools with the most engaging, useful suite of Financial Literacy courses to ensure student success.