The ultimate goal of any school district is to ensure that every student had the support needed to successfully graduate from high school. Not every student follows a traditional path towards this goal, opening up an opportunity to find alternative ways to engage students in this goal. Calexico Unified School District in Calexico, CA, increased their graduation rates utilizing Subject’s innovative digital curriculum. Read on to learn more about their success.

About Calexico Unified School District

Located in Southern California on the southern US border with Mexico, Calexico Unified School District serves more than 8,500 students in grades K-12, with more than 2,750 students in grades 9-12. The district’s 11 innovative schools are committed to increasing student achievement through a purposeful and effective instructional program that engages all students in academically rigorous learning.


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Calexico Unified School District Vision Statement:

We will create academic pathways and a supportive environment that empowers our students to realize their potential and dreams.

The opportunity: get all students to graduation

In 2022, Calexico USD identified a group of 322 students who were at risk of not graduating on time. These students were credit deficient and needed an opportunity to regain required credits. Many of these students were seniors, which meant that not completing these credits put them at risk of not graduating with their class and attending a fifth year of high school.

The Calexico USD solution

Calexico USD created a six-week program during the summer in which students at six sites could recover credits. They selected Subject’s digital learning solution to power this summer school session. Subject’s highly-engaging, rigorous curriculum is designed to keep students excited about learning while providing an authentic learning foundation for college and career. Students had the opportunity to earn credits with these Subject credit recovery courses:
Subject Algebra II
Algebra II Credit Recovery
Subject English I
English I Credit Recovery
Subject English II
English II Credit Recovery
Subject Geometry
Geometry Credit Recovery
Biology Credit Recovery
Biology Credit Recovery
Subject Spanish II
Spanish II Credit Recovery
US History Subject
US History Credit Recovery
Subject US Government
US Government & Politics Credit Recovery

The results are in

Calexico’s innovative support for students resulted in an increase in the district’s graduation rate. In particular, 60 seniors who were at risk of not graduating with their cohort were able to successfully earn enough credits for graduation. As a result of this success, the program will be replicated and expanded to continue supporting Calexico’s secondary students.
Seniors to Graduation

The greatest credit to this success goes to the Calexico educators who invested their time, energy, and expertise in this program to provide every opportunity for students to succeed. Calexico USD and Subject have established a strong partnership to continue developing the most innovative and effective digital learning solutions for Calexico students and beyond.


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