Financial Literacy has quickly become a standard course offering for high school students. It is imperative that every student, regardless of their future college or career goals, is able to leave high school with a solid understanding of financial management. Subject provides schools with the most engaging, useful suite of Financial Literacy courses to ensure student success.

About the course

Entrepreneur and NFL linebacker Brandon Copeland gives you the 101 on one of the most important life skills: personal finance. Inspired by Brandon’s Ivy League class on the same topic and customized for the high school audience, this course will teach you how to start saving for your future and building your wealth early. In this course you will develop an understanding of budgeting and investing that focuses on the maintenance of finances, future investment practices, and insights into successful stock market, real estate, and investing. There will be multiple opportunities for you to develop solutions to authentic problem-based scenarios and engage in realistic simulations and projects. The financial thinking skills in this course will prepare you for personal financial success, future success in college level coursework and career paths in finance, consumer economics, or accounting.
Brandon Copeland

About the instructor

Brandon Copeland is an Ivy League professor at the University of Pennsylvania and NFL player for the Atlanta Falcons. Brandon is renowned around the globe as the “Business Athlete” as he has regular appearances on CNBC and was named Forbes 30 under 30. Copeland has been recognized for his work in the community as well, being named the 2020 NFLPA Alan Page Community Award winner, the NFLPA’s highest honor.

What makes this course unique?

Financial Literacy is the ultimate course for real world application. Throughout the course, students will have opportunities to engage with ‘fireside chats’, where the instructor sits down with everyday people to discuss and practice financial skills. For example, in the “Start with a Budget” fireside chat series, Professor Copeland speaks with Marina about projecting her taxes and budgeting expenses. Course activities include hands-on practice in skills like investing and budgeting. For example, after watching this fireside chat series, students will create their own budget based on their career goals and interests.
Financial Literacy Subject

Students across the U.S. are already benefiting from Subject’s Financial Literacy suite, taught by an Ivy-league professor and designed to ensure student success with frequent checks for understanding, authentic practice and assignments, formative assessments, and more. The full suite includes three courses:
> Financial Literacy I: Personal Finance
> Financial Literacy II: Budgeting and Investing
> Financial Literacy I: Credit Recovery

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